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#1 Re: Windows Client » Compiled Windows Client - Download » 2014-07-17 20:45:48

I remember i had to manually add some (7-8) oenssl files that were missinig; then i installed openssl to cygwin and all compiled fine so i cannot reproduce the errors right now.

#2 Re: iClass » iClass is coming... » 2014-07-17 12:47:12

I man, it seems that your antenna is not as good as it should be... can you test with a better antenna (higher voltage) ?

#3 Re: Windows Client » Compiled Windows Client - Download » 2014-07-16 15:42:38

You are welcome. Your compiling problems are probably dued to the new DES encryption/decryption algos and maybe iClass stuff (I don't remember exactly); you can find them using google looking at the error it gives you while compiling (usually missing files). Most of them should be inside the openssl repository source code.

#4 Re: Windows Client » Compiled Windows Client - Download » 2014-07-16 15:29:40

Please do not flame this thread; people "thinks different" and we should try to find a common ground using dialogs to go further; if the common ground is "not available" well... just ignore the person that cause you troubles, he probably lives FAR away from you wink

#5 Re: Windows Client » Compiled Windows Client - Download » 2014-07-16 12:17:07

Thank you for your post siop, unfortunately I don't agree with you; he asked for a thing that I was able to give and I decided to give it, that's all (no proud, no glory); he will be responsible for what he is going to do with that (remember that iClass code is still "preliminar").

Remember that any new version will need to be recompiled so he will be always "hanged" if he doesn't find the way to compile it himself.

I think that helping the community is the best thing (with the exception of explaining how to steal/fraud credits or stuff like that on tags), you will never know what is going to happen when you help someone wink

#6 Re: Windows Client » Compiled Windows Client - Download » 2014-07-15 21:00:19

@RadioWar: Here it is (windows only with firmware and bootrom). No support for this, compiled only, no windows GUI nor android addition/implementation/support.

New "official" compiled version (win+gui+android) will be out when all new stuff (iClass included) will be merged in the main trunk.

#7 Re: Windows Client » Compiled Windows Client - Download » 2014-07-10 17:58:31

Thanks for pointing that out, I will look into the reason why it was missing and I will add it in future releases.

#9 Re: Windows Client » Compiled Android Client - Download » 2014-07-04 09:05:41

Yes it is all VERY stable under android; anyway is still quite "experimental" because new pm3 functions (including DES/3DES) are new so I think this is the reason why the patch is not "committed" to github or something like that. Anyway all that was not possible without jonor contribute (and you code of course) ! So thank you for answering-back wink

Here it is (the re-uploaded patch file).

#11 Re: 125 kHz - ISO 11784 / 11785 » New 125kHz tag - Help to identify. » 2014-06-29 15:26:31

Just reading the id with the correspondant command and converted it to bin.

#12 Re: MIFARE DESFire » Libfreefare » 2014-05-19 19:52:32

02 and 03 are "configuration bytes" used in rfid smartcard ISO14443A. For what I understood 02 is used if a simple answer is waited from the card while 03 if some more series of commands are needed (this is only an opinion, datasheets are a bit vague about them). It is different from real contact smart cards; thsoe one don't need that byte.

#13 Re: MIFARE DESFire » cryptlib inside the arm? » 2014-05-19 19:27:30

Try to increment the "waiting for tag answer" time; I had the same problem with epassports and increasing that delay makes the answer to appear (if I am correctthe default value is .

#14 Re: Windows Client » Compiled Android Client - Download » 2014-05-15 11:08:54

To be able to use android pm3 client with the latest sources you need a new patch that officially I do not support (for now) because of major changes that are actually under development (openssl crypto stuff in particular). You can find my Android latest patch here (copy/overwrite actual source code with the files in this archive).

Again, i do not offer support for this.

#15 Re: 125 kHz - Antenna » antenna 125 khz success » 2014-05-15 07:00:41

Enio wrote:
asper wrote:

Have you ever tried to read/write a pcf with such a "big" diameter (empty toilet paper) Enio ?

I (manually) extracted uid of an em 57xx diameter 2.5cm tag with that cd case antenna, how small tags do you want to read?

A smaller tag than 2.5 cm as i stated before (PCF family):
Coil is probably smaller than 1 cm.

#17 Re: Trade Parts » DON'T buy from XFPGA/GeZhi Electronic Co.Ltd. or "Laser" on this forum » 2014-05-14 19:09:55

I totally agree with you except for this:

It's not my fault if the seller ships with not appropriate packaging or if his boards are more fragile than normal. He can avoid that problem shipping insured or improving the packaging. I cannot pay for other's faults!

In my opinion seller must tell BEFORE shipping and buyer must ask BEFORE SHIPPING what conditions are within the shipping itself (type of shipping, type of packaging, insurance,  fargility, returns, etc.) because shipping is a quite critical part in a transaction where those kind items are involved; if you think that the seller's shipping/returning policies are not enough (secure, cheap, etc) for you, you must not buy from him; probably you have been "deceived" by other users'good experience.

For referral have a look at Gaucho's group buy experience; he was simply PERFECT in all process steps. This is how things should work.

I can only thank you for sharing your experience with us and I hope the seller will change your mind and help you some way.

#18 Re: 125 kHz - Antenna » antenna 125 khz success » 2014-05-14 16:26:29

Have you ever tried to read/write a pcf with such a "big" diameter (empty toilet paper) Enio ?

#19 Re: 125 kHz - Antenna » antenna 125 khz success » 2014-05-14 13:58:20

Good antenna iceman but it is "big" for small transponders, at least for my experience. 2-3cm (diameter) should be good for very small tags.

#20 Re: 125 kHz - Antenna » antenna 125 khz success » 2014-05-14 13:39:37

I tried with already made (1-component-only with 2 pins) coils but they are very small and coupling with small tags (ex pcf transponders) is extremely difficult to obtain (millimetric positioning is necessary).

#21 Re: iClass » iClass is coming... » 2014-05-08 07:42:45

app_o1 wrote:

Does anyone know what is the difference between a 5321 V1 and a 5321 V2 ?

Since Meriac publication (in 2011 ?), the only difference I have seen was the release of new drivers that make writing commands fail. But they were aware of the exploit before that...

I am not able to sniff (with pm3) a communication between an epa and omnikey 5321 v2 while it works using a mobile phone to read the epa.

#22 Re: Software Development » stronglink SL500 - RFID Identifier Project » 2014-05-01 11:06:46

The sl500 usb version has a built-in usb-to-serial chip; you need to install correct drivers to make windows see it as a serial device (you can download them from the stronglink homepage).
mastercom.dll must be in the same identifier .exe folder, you can find it in the official stronglink software folder (download it from stronglink download page).

#23 Re: Questions and Requests » epa raw commands » 2014-05-01 10:59:42

Using 2 pm3s me and jonor (mainly jonor!) managed to find out the problem: response waiting time.
By default it is 10msec; for simple tag answers (ex. error answers) this value is enough but for more "computing-consuming-power" commands this is too fast.

#24 Re: Windows Client » Compiled Android Client - Download » 2014-04-30 13:02:45

app_o1 wrote:

Did you "install" the cdc module ?

In my case, I am getting : "cdc-acm.ko invalid module format" in I9100 rooted, not kernel modified.

You are using a cdc-acm.ko module compiled from source code not valid for your actual kernel (built from different device source code or the correct source code for your device but different kernel version/revision compared to the actual one installed in your device).

If I well remember using I9000 you also need to externally power the pm3.

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