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#1 Re: 125 kHz - ISO 11784 / 11785 » PCF7931 » 2015-08-24 10:26:18

We hope to see your code ! Thank you for your contribution.

#2 Re: Windows Client » Compiled Windows Client - Download » 2015-08-16 20:53:12

Added the new rev 2.2.0 to the 1st post !

Note that OS Image will be not be present anymore from now on ! Use fullimage to flash the firmware !

#3 Re: 125 kHz - ISO 11784 / 11785 » Megamos Crypto Paper Finally Released » 2015-08-16 20:47:25

VERY VERY interesting !
Thanks for sharing the link !!

He says "we have developed an open source library for custom and proprietary RFID communication schemes that operate at an frequency of 125kHz": is it possible to see this open source library ? Any link ? Or is he referring to this forum ?

#4 Re: Questions and Requests » Bulk Programming » 2015-08-12 18:06:58

Don't ask "US" ? This is your 1st post and your nick is too similar to mine... I don't think you are part of "US" (nobody can be considered as "US"); if you are a member of this community with a different username please use your real nick to make this kind of charges taking your responsabilities... or better... do not post here, this is a tech forum and people here are free to help others if they like to without any constraints. If you personally (or "digitally") know mnelson please solve your differences outside.

#5 Re: MIFARE Ultralight » a popular toy AmiiBo » 2015-08-10 22:40:39

They are probably unlocked in a virgin tag (i don't have a 215 but i have similars which are unlocked). Need to spoof to see if the locking bits are required for the tag to be read.

#6 Re: MIFARE Ultralight » a popular toy AmiiBo » 2015-08-08 16:14:22

Which pages are locked? I can check with a blank ntag.

#7 Re: Device Components and Interfaces » Choosing the right JTAG (advice needed) » 2015-08-04 13:21:34

rbubba1911 wrote:

Hi asper,

I read your feedback experience, I'm not afraid about IDA/Odbg/SoftICE  wink

I trust you blindly, we seem to share same taste for hacking device !

I'll take this one, thanks a lot for your advice .

best regards

You seem to be smart my friend !
Do you have an account where we can get in contact (mail, msn, skype, fb, etc) ?

#9 Re: Device Components and Interfaces » Choosing the right JTAG (advice needed) » 2015-08-03 19:18:34

1) Bought: it works, it includes cables, flashing software and it is multi-purpose; to avoid clone-related problems have a deep read here [software is also downlaodable here] - my experience here. I think this is the most featured&cheapest

2) I own it since a long time but it seems not to support jtag, only ejtag (more info/tests here); support service never answered my questions about that subject

3) Never heard of; reading description it seems not to contain the needed flashing software !

4) Serial port is obsolete and also description seems not to include software.

#10 Re: 125 kHz - ISO 11784 / 11785 » Help to decode LF tag NORALYS (KCP3000) » 2015-08-01 08:27:04

This can be a reason but at least pwd protect them... in that way a malicious user can alter the tag content just sitting next to you making it unusable... not so science fiction...  smile

#11 Re: 125 kHz - ISO 11784 / 11785 » Help to decode LF tag NORALYS (KCP3000) » 2015-07-31 18:33:54

Curious. T55x7 are more expensive than em4100 and usin no pwd at all is absolutely a money wasting solution... but they may charge you 50$ for one  wink

Thanks ice for posting the excel, i am out of nowhere in those days and have no access to my archives.

#12 Re: 125 kHz - ISO 11784 / 11785 » Help to decode LF tag NORALYS (KCP3000) » 2015-07-30 16:06:20

marshmellow wrote:

They are using a t55x7 chip.  The sequence terminator gives it away.

100% sure of that ? So it can be potentially reprogrammed...

#13 Re: 125 kHz - ISO 11784 / 11785 » Help to decode LF tag NORALYS (KCP3000) » 2015-07-29 22:26:53

Marshmellow is right and I was wrong, it is not an EM4100 !
Marsh do you remembere other tags with 96bit ? I would like to search for it i n my datasheets.

#14 Re: 125 kHz - ISO 11784 / 11785 » Help to decode LF tag NORALYS (KCP3000) » 2015-07-29 13:37:00

You got it. It is a simpkle EM4100 tag. Probably the "missing" values are a manufacturer choice (they decided not to consider them in the engraved label).
When you will clone it you need to use all the ID bitstream (including "missing" values).

#15 Re: Questions and Requests » T55x7 based jammer (GuardBunny) » 2015-07-26 22:57:50

A jammer is a frequency saturating the working one.
i really don't think it is possible to transform a T55x7 in a jammer...

#16 Re: Calypso » 14B' » 2015-07-24 12:10:30

Great finding !!! Can someone with old navigo can test this ?

#17 Re: Calypso » REQ: 14b snoop of a calypso communication » 2015-07-23 13:41:05

You probably will not get a good snoop with your old tag (if it is a real 14b') but if you can test a post results this will be great!

#18 Re: Calypso » REQ: 14b snoop of a calypso communication » 2015-07-14 13:44:31

It is a simple "ping" request; i found that some times ago here:

we should add ab - ba to the commands list.

#19 Re: 125 kHz - ISO 11784 / 11785 » New Tag » 2015-07-12 08:55:47

Ntk you are making too much mess in this forum with your "conclusion", thinkings and offtopic "brainstormings".
You need to study lot of stuff before making questions but you seem to want to have it all and immediately. .. well things don't go this way.

From now on i will stop answering you. I hope you will find your answers without posting so often here.

#20 Re: Questions and Requests » ATS proximity cards » 2015-07-07 14:54:35

Just write in the bottom line of the chat window and press enter to send the message.

You shoul read the mIRC free software help to see how IRC works.

#21 MIFARE Classic » HID Discontinued products » 2015-07-07 12:57:02

Replies: 0

HID Global have recently announced they are discontinuing ActivID CMS Appliances & The Crescendo C800 smart card that is designed to work with ActivID CMS Appliance, effective immediately.

#22 Re: Questions and Requests » ATS proximity cards » 2015-07-07 12:50:54

Definitely lack of knowledge in IRC and imagination could not help me

Just enter your nickname. Cclick on a user name to enter private chat (- query).

#24 Re: Questions and Requests » ATS proximity cards » 2015-07-07 10:39:52

The post was made in April and no one answered. If help is needed just ask, if an answer will come this will be a good thing, if not probaly no one is interested in the subject.

Info/tags exchange can be done, just think about what you are sharing with the public.

#25 Re: Calypso » REQ: 14b snoop of a calypso communication » 2015-07-05 21:33:19

Stating that Calypso is TypeB you should append CRC-B...

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