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#1 Re: Questions and Requests » Wierd USB errors » 2009-02-16 22:06:22


Oddly enough this has happened with a couple boards I've seen so far. I am offering those who bought one a brand new board that I know works. Since then I've changed placement houses and the new place (here in Maryland) will flash the bootloader to the ARM for me and test the USB connection before I accept the boards back. The last place was a little shady, unfortunately I had to pay a ton for the tooling and they screwed up 2-3 of my boards. I'm going to trouble shoot the boards when they come back and figure out what happened, I have a few guesses as to the hardware component that has been troublesome. I will also take a look at where the bootloader is flashed in memory but I don't think that's the issue. the J-Link Segger tools are really good for memory/bootloader debugging (but stupid expensive.)

As always, shoot me an e-mail and I will take care of any problems.



#2 Re: Questions and Requests » Summondark, can you give some info about your fix? » 2008-12-07 22:03:04


d18, did you get your board from me? if not e-mail me: i'm back from traveling and can send ASAP if not. I've sent a bunch out already. smile

#3 Re: Questions and Requests » ... no device connected, polling for it now » 2008-10-24 17:24:16



I was trying to cause this error, and I did so by unplugging the wiggler, (leaving the wiggler @ LPT1 port setting in ARMPRG) and then hitting reset&run. Having the wrong interface setting with the wrong cable would probably cause this.

Also, if I just leave the USB plugged-in and use the USB adapter setting in ARMPGM, I get a USB library error.

Anyone else get that?

#4 Re: Questions and Requests » ... no device connected, polling for it now » 2008-10-17 20:13:36


Cool, I think I remember seeing something along this in the text documents written by JW. I'll take another look, I'm assuming when we erased the chip with ARMPGM, it would've removed that though?

#5 Re: Questions and Requests » ... no device connected, polling for it now » 2008-10-17 16:51:01


I tried running ARMPGM and executing "RESET&RUN" and it errors "Unable to initialize USB Library". When I plug it in, it pops up with the "A USB device has malfunctioned" ... and if you go to troubleshoot it says there are no drivers installed for this device. I hate software >< (double E FTW) anyway, it seems obvious that it's a problem with the USB communication, I'm just not sure what is needed for the device for windows to recognize it, or well the batch scripts to recognize it as well.

#6 Questions and Requests » ... no device connected, polling for it now » 2008-10-15 17:00:03

Replies: 10


One of my devices is being a giant cheese ball...

I flashed it correctly and used ARMPGM to verify everything, that process was smooth, then I downloaded the MIFARE source and tried running FlashOS.bat and all it does is pull up a cmd.exe window with:

"... no device connected, polling for it now."

I can't get it working at all but the flashing went smoothly so I'm confused.

Any idea what I could check?


#7 Re: 13.56 MHz - Antenna » help me for achieve an antenna » 2008-10-13 19:33:56


Hi guys,

Just to let everyone know who is interested. This weekend I will be working on "How to design and build an antenna for the Proxmark 3 device" for this community. - I will be building a bunch of them for some clients so I can take pictures and write down all of the crazy RF equations that I love, hehe.

I will post it on the forums when it is done! If anyone wants to help, shoot me an e-mail !


#8 MIFARE Classic » MIFARE CRYPTO-1 Released - Link to Whitepaper » 2008-10-13 18:49:17

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I wanted to start a thread about getting the proxmark 3 to be able to attack the MIFARE standard, so I'm starting with the white paper released the digital security group: … sorics.pdf


#9 Re: Trade Parts » Ordering of new proxmarks » 2008-10-11 04:11:03


Hi guys, new here... I posted this on another thread but I might as well shoot it here too.

I have like 90 Proxmark3 PCBs, I've been getting 10-20 made and then selling them. I gave away A LOT of the pcb's to people I thought would benefit from them (which most of them have) and they contributed a lot back to the community.

I created an updated EXCEL list with all WORKING part numbers for the proxmark3. The first time I went to order these like 20% of the numbers were obsoleted by Digikey / Mouser / etc.

Presents for you:

Don't worry about all the colors and stuff, the info there is good. That's all you need. I ordered most things from Digikey and the rest from Mouser.

I am willing to help anyone out who has questions getting orders done, placement houses, PCB's made, soldering SMD 0603, programming / flashing whatever.

I will hopefully check this forum occasionally, if not e-mail me:


oh btw: my boards were made with black soldermask, they look so much sexier! hehe

#10 Re: Questions and Requests » Pre-built ProxmarkIII boards » 2008-10-11 00:32:22


Hi guys,

FYI: I actually bought about 100 proxmark3 PCBs and I've been ordering about 10-20 PM3 units at a time from the placement house. If you guys want a pre-built unit, working out of the box. I can even flash it for you, feel free to contact me. I don't mean to solicit by any means, and feel free to delete this e-mail if I've done something wrong but my website will be up eventually where you can buy them, until then e-mail me:



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