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#1 Re: General (USB driver, Framework, Protocol) » Sielox's Performa® Proximity Plus® » 2012-04-05 14:06:28


Hey, 0xFFFF
I'm getting together some cards as you requested. I've got some sielox and checkpoint tags which both work on this unknown protocol. I can also send you 1 HF reader I was double sent by accident from EBay which came with some mifare tags if you like. I really don't know any way to contact you other than this forum. Give me a bell on my email when you read this. Send me some postal address so we can put this protocol to sleep smile

#2 Re: Questions and Requests » Identifying frequency of tag.. help :D » 2012-03-30 04:29:15



There is nothing on the net regarding the make and model of this tag. The closest I got was Myki which is to do with transport cards in Australia. From the photo, it sure is a HF tag. Im guessing the proxmark3 cant read the card because the tag needs authentication from the reader before it starts communicating. If this tag is used for building access im guessing it is a Mifare DESfire. Depending on the year the tag was made you could narrow this guess down further. What to do from here depends on more expeirienced users knowledge who are probably in hibernation right now. In the meantime its just you and me.

After some more searching I found this WebSite. Now we know it is Mifare and that it has 512 bytes memory capacity so if we do further searching maybe we can limit it down a Mifare Ultralight which fits into this category. (I'm guessing according to the Wiki.) What are your thoughts? I would brute force using "hf mf mifare" command on proxmark3 and see what happens.

#3 Re: Questions and Requests » Identifying frequency of tag.. help :D » 2012-03-29 14:34:00


Does the tag have anything which could identify it? Any name on the tag? Maybe if you upload a picture someone will be able to recognize what it is.

#4 Re: Windows Client » Trouble Flashing » 2012-03-29 11:52:02


Dear 0xFFFF,
If your still alive and not consumed by all your Hid dongles and such, would you be interested???

#5 Re: Windows Client » Trouble Flashing » 2012-03-29 07:44:16


Hi tlou,

Finally i got my Prox3 updated and all seems well. Thanks for your help.

On another note, I have a Sielox proximity fob i believe works on HF but it will not respond to anything I throw at it. Frustrating as it is, I would like to call upon anyone here that would like a go at this fob. Happy to send it anywhere. would anybody be willing to help?

#6 Re: Windows Client » Trouble Flashing » 2012-03-26 23:53:17


Ok. After doing some google searching I think I understand that the "Sudo" command should be executed in a Linux environment. I will keep trying to figure this one out. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

#7 Windows Client » Trouble Flashing » 2012-03-26 15:33:13

Replies: 5

Its been a while and yet im still having troubles. I cant seem to be able to flash my pm3 under windows vista 64. Compiling works great as I followed the latest guide to getting started. Im having difficulty understanding the "sudo ./flasher -b ../bootrom/obj/bootrom.elf" step. Where exactly do you type this cause so far its not happening for me.

Any help would be much appreciated.

#8 Re: Proxmark Board Innovations » New function: ST Micro SRIX4K tag reading » 2010-06-16 12:49:33


Come on everybody... let's dance. There's plenty of room in here.

#9 Re: Questions and Requests » Help clone a Keri Fob » 2010-06-16 11:49:08


Hey syrushcw,

The Keri fob you have is definately LF. I was able to read it using the proxmark however I never got a chance to play it back using the proxmark in order to confirm that it works. In order to clone this tag you need to find out what the UID is. I purchased a LF ACG USB reader from RFIDIOt and installed python and so on... I'm still having problems getting the scripts to run correctly but i did manage to extract the UID using one of the scripts. Once I get the scripts to run correctly I was hoping to program the UID on a Q5 tag using the scripts and reader I received from RFIDIOt. The guy that sells the readers is a member of this forum. His name is - Hope that gives you some lead.

#10 Re: MIFARE Classic » MIFARE Classic Question ... ("hf 14a sim" not working?) » 2010-06-08 12:40:23


albertoparis, I know this is not related to your question but how did you get RFIDIOt to work on your pc? Whenever I import a module, for eg., I keep getting =====restart====== in the idle without anything happening. What could be wrong?

Thanks for reading.

#11 Various off-topic communication » RFIDIOt Help » 2010-05-30 12:52:41

Replies: 1

Hello All,
       I finally found a reader that was able to spit out an ID of my key fob-KERI SYS. I purchased the ACG LF from RFIDIOt and I was so happy. If any one has RFIDIOt installed on their windows XP 32 machine I would appreciate some assistance. I would like to perform the same function adam did here in post 92. The problem im having is that when i try importing the module it runs and at the bottom of my IDLE I get  ====restart==== It doesn't give me time to give it input. I've tried running it from command line but after the import the whole prompt crashes. The same thing happens with Adam, if your reading this, could you please help me.


#12 Re: Questions and Requests » Questions about required hardware » 2010-04-08 08:43:41


I've actually got 2, so if anyone else is interested let me know.

#13 Re: Questions and Requests » Questions about required hardware » 2010-04-08 08:42:26


Hey Duran97,
     I'll be more than happy to send to you. how do I get your address??

#14 Re: Questions and Requests » Questions about required hardware » 2010-04-05 08:51:25


Hey Adam, uncleezno has the exact same fob I tried to emulate with no luck. Sice then, I have moved out but still have the fob. Would you like me to send it to you?? Maybe you can have a crack at it.

#15 Re: Various Tools and Utilities » New ProxSpace development environment available for download » 2010-02-23 07:02:05


I bet my left testicle that soon there's going to be a huge demand for J-Tags. This is getting real interesing now.

#16 Re: Proxmark Board Innovations » PM3 LCD » 2010-02-13 11:40:20


Hey d18c7db,  keep the KISS method in mind on this one. I'm calling mine PPM (Portable Proxmark) smile

#17 Re: Legic » Problem reading Legic MIM 256 » 2010-02-11 03:34:26


Hey arcane1978, Just wondering, what OS are you using?

#18 Re: Proxmark Board Innovations » PM3 LCD » 2010-02-06 11:47:41


d18c7db, Whats the latest with the LCD PM3? When will I be able to get one?

#19 Re: Website Feedback » Observations on the website from a new member » 2010-02-05 03:07:59


Welcome wbahn, quick question, What os system are you working on?

#20 Re: Windows Client » MinGW vs MS cl » 2010-02-05 02:58:46


I also need help understanding. I don't mean to brag like a bitch all night but it's annoying trying to keep up with you guys. To me an ELF is santas little helper. How does that simplify things for the benefit of the user? cbergonzi, You would be doing a great honour for dummies like me if you could please post the process you took- from compile to flash so I could follow your steps.

Thank you.

#21 Re: Windows Client » MinGW vs MS cl » 2010-01-29 10:09:34


Hi Guys,

I need help understanding what bushing has done here. Are the compiling source code instructions on the Wiki still valid for windows users? Do I still need to use Subcommander to get updates for source code? Are the procedures setout in the Wiki still the same? I just don't get whats happening here.

Please help.

#22 Re: Hardware Remarks and Questions » Wiegand 26 bit » 2009-09-30 14:35:53


Very very interesting video you pointed out Henryk. Thanks for your response. All this tme I thought Wiegand was a type of modulation which the prox-card used to communicate with the reader. It's a shame Zac hasn't released the Gecko device he built-I so want one. I'm trying to program a Q5 card with the bits I read off my Keri tag which uses FSK. What is my chance of sucess Henryk. Have you ever worked with Q5 cards?

Couple more questions Henryk... What is it your studying at UNI and where will it lead you in the future?
Thanks Henryk.

#23 Re: Questions and Requests » Help cloning my flat keys » 2009-09-30 14:23:52


Making a new Q5 adventure thread sounds good. These cards are awsome in that they can be programmed to replicate almost all modulations. The challenge is how its done. Adam python script allows us to program using ASK which is a great start. I need to figure out how FSK should be done. Then theres PSK and so on. Even timing can be varied. Really amazing card and not much has been explored or mentioned about it in this forum. Where to start John??

While your here take a look at This may be of help to us.

Edit Edit.
Maybe not. At the moment it only works with HF readers --+ Damn.

#24 Re: Hardware Remarks and Questions » Wiegand 26 bit » 2009-09-30 08:11:25


Hi All,
Can somebody please clarify what Wiegand 26 really is. correct me if i'm wrong- It's not a type of communication modulation between card and reader its the communication modulation that occurs between reader and server which is mainly used in access control where cabling needs to be streched long distances. right? Whats your opinion?

Thanks guys.

#25 Re: Questions and Requests » Help cloning my flat keys » 2009-09-30 08:06:02


Ok John. which reader did you buy from Adam? was it the L&HF ACG or just the LF like mine? I also got the Omnikey 5325 as well- just incase I get bored smile Im starting a collecton of readers. My initial goal is to be able to program the Q5 cards using FSK modulation. How thats done- I don't know. Maybe somebody here has a few pointers and would like to help. In the meantime I'll do some googling on Q5 cards and see if there is a program out there already which will help me write in different modulation schemes. Stay tuned.

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