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#1 2009-02-19 15:18:47

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libnfc - Public platform independent Near Field Communication (NFC)

Dear users,

We started a new initiative, it is called: libnfc

This is a open source NFC Device library that supports Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.
The library currently works out of the box with the cheap ACS ACR122 NFC Reader.
It is very convenient to have this low-level control of a reader when testing your proxmark.

libnfc provides the following features for easy NFC application development:

    *      Complete coverage of low-level PN5xx chipset commands
    *      Written in pure and plain c for portability and speed
    *      Easy to use programmers API for simple and advanced features
    *      Released under the open source GNU/GPL licence
    *      Compatible with very cheap but advanced NFC hardware
    *      Compiles “out of the box” on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows
    *      Does not require any knowledge of RFID 13.56mhz modulation
    *      Supports ISO14443 A/B, ISO18092 and Felica (JIS X 6319-4) protocol
    *      Can chance your NFC device into a reader or target (tag)
    *      Allows complete control of the transmitted data frames
    *      Can leave out or send incorrect CRC bytes
    *      Provides a way to send arbitrary parity bits
    *      Allows configuration of advanced chip registers
    *      Very useful for doing research on hardware and protocol level
    *      Easy start-up example applications/tools for a quick start

If you are interested, you can check it out here:

Best regards,

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