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Differences between FeliCa Standard, Lite and FeliCa Lite-S

SONY - November 11, 2011

"FeliCa Lite-S" - the next generation "FeliCa Lite" ia a product which will expands contactless applications in various new markets. It is planned to be released to the market next spring.

"FeliCa Lite" is a low cost IC chip with simple security and an optimized file system. The power-saving customized chip can support small design antennas, ideal for tags and stickers as well as ID1-size card products. The "FeliCa Lite-S" is compatible with Sony's first generation "FeliCa Lite", and furthermore, has an improved security function as well as smaller chip size therefore achieving better cost performance. The "FeliCa Lite-S" can be used for applications such as single journey and event ticketing, as well as membership, loyalty, gift, game and ID cards. In addition, the "FeliCa Lite-S" can be used for NFC Forum Type 3 Tag solution such as smart poster and handover connection in combination with NFC device.


1 - New security-function in addition to "FeliCa Lite":
In addition to "Read access control" function of "FeliCa Lite", "FeliCa Lite-S" has "Write access control" function by adding MAC *1code in order to prevent any unauthorized access. The combination of data read with MAC code and data write with MAC code makes it possible to carry out streamlined mutual authentication.
*1: MAC - Message Authentication Code

2 - Compatibility with NFC Forum Type 3 Tag:
The "FeliCa Lite-S" supports Type 3 Tag operation, as defined by the NFC Forum. The chip can communicate with NFC smart phones and readers.

3 - Anti-broken transaction function and data integrity-check function:
"FeliCa Lite-S" has anti-broken transaction functionality in order to prevent incomplete data update. Even if data error occurs in the chip, as there is CRC data check code for every data block (16 byte), data error can be detected.

4 - Reusable existing FeliCa compatible products:
By adopting the same RF format and backward compatible command set to the existing FeliCa card products, FeliCa Lite-S can be used with the same reader and development infrastructure, for example FeliCa Port, NFC reader and SDK for NFC/FeliCa.



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