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#1 2012-12-07 02:22:21

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introduce myself

Hi! I'm a 'chemical engineering'-guy who didn't know much about electronics. Some time ago I realized that this was a shame and started learning. The first book I bought was  "Practical electronics for inventors" Well, besides the title, I loved the book and the start of much more reading. And then, one morning, it caught me. "that plastic bagde which allows me to enter my office...." and the RFID fascination was born. Seven different reader/writers (I won't mention the websites, better study the forum rules more serieus) and lots, lots of articles, posts etc by guys like you, thank you very much, made that I think understand 'it'. And then, the holy grale: the proxmark3!
The reason for introduding myself is that becaue of your hard labour, freely availeble to me, I was able to 'do it'. So it's time to do something back. Maybe it's strange, but after taking it's time to give.
I have never written about myself as I did now, but you know what I've studied and I'm the owner of a small business in the Netherlands. Again instead of remaining silent I hope to contribute in whatever way. And many many thanks for your work which thaught me what I wanted to know!
Greetz alkaloid


#2 2012-12-07 07:12:55

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Re: introduce myself

Welcome to the community.

What we mostly share is knowledge. Sometimes it is handy if they come with a tool (sourcecode). You are welcome to contribute your thoughts, ideas, experience, problems and fixes that you came across working with the Proxmark.

If you are a programmer, bugfixes are more than welcome, if you are more an electrical engineer, some (antenna) tweaks and board optimizations are nice. Active forum users are the backbone of the community, we encourage people to help each other. If you are more a (experienced) user, help in extending/updating documentation (googlecode wiki) is greatly appreciated. It is always nice to have some up-to-date/extensive HOWTO documents that help novel users to do some practical tests with RFID on their own.

Just let me know if and where you want to contribute, I'll arrange you will gain the required access rights.

Best regards,



#3 2013-11-08 17:52:34

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Re: introduce myself

Hi, I am a telecom engineer working in several AFC/Ticketing systems. I have performed several vulnerability tests to show mifare classic weakness to several clients. I have just bought th Proxmark3 card and I would like to explore new ways to analyse and perform RF tests.
I would like to share experiences with the community and have some help to start running my new proxmark3
Thanks to everybody


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