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#1 2009-06-18 01:02:41

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Writing to USB flash drive

Is there anyway we could use the serial interface used for the LCD mod to write data to a USB flash drive?


#2 2009-06-18 21:44:33

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Re: Writing to USB flash drive

Not really good for accessing a USB flash drive but you could use that interface to directly access an SD card in serial mode.

On a standard microSD card you connect pin

2 - NCS2
3 - MOSI
4 - VCC (3.3v)
6 - GND
7 - MISO
1,8 Unused

You'll then need to actually program the PM3 to access the SD card, deal with the FAT filestructure, etc but that sort of code is already available on the net, it'd be fairly easy to adapt it. You'll then have access to huge amounts of storage. Ideally you should solder a SD card socket but if you're real getto you can solder direct to the SD card which won't then be removable smile

I just saw your other thread where this question originated, if you wanted to have an LCD _and_ an SD card connected at the same time, each would require its own chip select (all other pins mentioned above are shared). For example you could use pin 35 on the ARM which is spare to generate NCS3 and connect that to pin 2 of the SD card.

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#3 2009-06-19 01:16:14

Registered: 2009-05-27
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Re: Writing to USB flash drive

Great idea!

That is exactly what what  I wil be working on next.

Any tips for the super fine soldering that needs to take place? I have done many Xbox mods, but these contacts are tiny and close together.



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