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#1 2016-02-04 21:42:04

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Power issues in china (xfpga) clones - due to R58 resistor?

My proxmark restart's ocasionally (I hear the relay switching), recently I've experienced fuse bits probem described also in this forum. The only way those fuse bits could change is unstable power or weared flash. I bet the first.

Could somebody explain why my model of proxmark has 0Ohm resistor placed in R58 marked as DNP(do not populate)? This efectively make IC13 always on if I understand correctly disable this logic:

Proxmark wiki wrote:

When NVDD_ON goes low, the Vdd rail comes up to about five volts (the filtered-but-unregulated USB voltage). This powers most of the analog circuitry, including the ADC and all of the opamps and comparators in the receive path, and the coil drivers as well. Vdd also feeds the +3V3-FPGA and +2v5 regulators, which power only the FPGA.

Won't aditional load at boot introduce those power issues?


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