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#1 2016-06-09 16:32:37

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LF Consumer Reader/Emulator

Hey guys,

I've been involved with the proxmark for some time. In fact I had a contract manufacturer in Colorado produce 3 based on Jonathon Westhues designs in 2007. One of them went to Gerhard de Koning Gans and the other Amal Graafstra. They both went on to do some interesting things but sadly the third that I kept just sat around after some experiments. Anyways I digress...

I have been working on a consumer device that allows easy duplication of low frequency (125kHz) non-encrypted credentials. Even though this is old technology it still pervasive around the world. Living in downtown San Diego even many of the newer high rises use this tech. The only consumer facing devices I have found are the large chinese readers that copy to a T5557 type device so I sought out to make one anyone could use.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Planning on launching it on kickstarter to see if there is any demand. Currently should support any am or fsk modulation with psk support in the works.

Also if anyone has any low frequency cards I can test with (especially strange ones) please pm me. I'd be happy to pay shipping both ways or compensate you for them.

Thanks and happy hacking wink


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