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#1 2016-06-16 15:11:21

From: Paris, France
Registered: 2016-04-25
Posts: 27

Looking for iClass readers

Hello there,

You may have already understood what I am going to do with it, but I am looking for a pair of iClass readers to play with and practice the Heart of Darkness attack.

Does any of you guys have such readers available (flashed with the original firmware, of course)?

For instance, the RW400 or any of the following:
* 6110A (R30)
* 6111A (RW300)
* 6120A (R40)
* 6121A (RW400)
* 6130A (RK40)
* 6131A (RWK400)

I know there are other means of getting the key for Standard Edition but it is for practicing hardware attacks wink

Thank you very much!


#2 2016-06-16 20:08:51

From: Colorado USA
Registered: 2010-07-04
Posts: 166

Re: Looking for iClass readers

I have three new 6120AKN0000 (R40 RevA) readers available if you are interested.
You can have them for what I paid ($60 each) plus shipping.
I will even throw in a copy of the firmware hex file so you can reload the firmware using a PICKit2/3 in case you brick any of the readers while practicing your hardware attacks.
Email me if you are interested.  info at proxclone dot com

[Note: The Heart of Darkness attack used an RW400 reader. The assembly code that he included uses the serial RS232 interface to send out the data. The non "RW" readers (e.g R40) do not have an RS232 interface. As a result you will have to bit-bang out the data on one of the other interfaces (e.g. wiegand D0/D1). It can be done (I have done it) but it requires more work. If you want to use the assembly code provided in the Heart of Darkness paper then you will need to obtain an RWxxx reader/writer.]

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