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#1 2017-06-01 00:28:55

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Differences between Proxmark3 'easy' and RDV2?

I'm new here (waiting on my "easy" board from china for simple keyfob cloning), and I'm just wondering what the RDV2 can actually do that the easy version can't.

The wiki seems to only cover the original 2007 board, and the elechouse site doesn't offer much in the way of detailed specs nor does it even have a page for the easy. After trawling the internet the only thing I can find is this old pm3 forum post. Are the 4 mentioned differences the only differences there are? Where can I find more info on this and what the removed bits do?

If those are the only differences, why is the Easy SO much cheaper? On aliexpress the easy is generally ~80GBP, I got one on eBay for 60GBP with best offer, the RDV2 from the same places is 150 and up. Why?

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