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#1 2017-06-03 09:19:36

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Lua way to do AES CBC ?

Hey guys,

We use the unysis uLogon system at work. Domain credentials are stored in a legic segment.
Given the fact that I'm admin of my computer and that I have access to the compiled binaries, I narrowed down to the actual encryption scheme thanks to the DLL being .Net.
The creds are actually using a rijndaelmanaged decryptor in .Net. Got the IV and key, tested sucessfully here.

Question is :
Would a piece of c# that could be compiled by mono fine enough or should I really try to find a working lua implementation of that ?



#2 2017-06-03 09:34:00

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Re: Lua way to do AES CBC ?

well, you are in luck,  iceman fork have aes hooked up into lua part.

as seen here; … ing.c#L242

Calling it from lua with: 

see overview of what is imp. … ing.c#L576

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