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#1 2017-08-04 07:35:05

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iceman wrote:

No it does not revert back.  The only change is the vendor & product id thats changed.   I've mention on other threads that this change will confuse all "detection" of HID vs CDC.    However rest assure that icemanfork is cdc.   You need to go back ut subversion r750 or even older  to have a HID device.

However when the vendor/product id changes, ususally the com port changes on windows,   and for linux ppl,  you may need to update your blacklist file.  There is an updated one on github

Tried changing VID/PID no difference. Only time it shows up as CDC on Mac is if i flash  lua version boot room and flash. When I install the newest versions of boot room and flash. Shows up as hid on Mac.???
Anyone else have this issue? On system profile shows up as pm3 client with hid VID/PID. The pm3 client works but very slowly.


#2 2017-09-22 12:23:29

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Re: HID/CDC mac

I have the exact same issue and thought it was something I had done wrong.


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