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#1 2017-08-24 21:47:39

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Greetings from New user here

Good Day my name is Sergio I am from Pensilvannia USA
i work as a security installer of  rfid solutions and ccty for past 15 years. After moving to my new place with wife and 2 kids i needed extra key fobs the landloard wanted like $80 ea WOW $160 for 2 key
coming from security background a strted doing some resurch and bougt  some equipment for few dollars and made my own 2 key then i furthe become interested in Rfid Keys and Cards  so now and then a thinker in rfid key forbs i came across this board that has a lot of interesting  people and posts and are willing to help each other in this time and this world is a very good thing for people to come together
help each other so i desided to become a member so i can gain more
knowlege and perhapse help otheres with some of my knowlege as well i wish all of you and this board contenued secsess and hopfully
contribute as well.  God bless America and all of YOU


#2 2017-08-25 10:46:08

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Re: Greetings from New user here


Nothing says thank you as much as a donation!


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