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#1 2017-08-30 11:37:15

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Newbie from Italy

Hello, I'm Antonio and I live in Palermo, I'm graduated in computer science from 1989 (a lot of time, I know) and I'm a teacher. Now I have one proxmark3 at home and I'd like to learn about rfid so I begin with trying to solve a problem about my cats living in a garden in my country house .
I go there once a week so my microchipped cats find their food inside a box to which they access by a cat flap door that verifies their unique id before opening and let them go inside. There are many other cats living nearby.
Unfortunately one cat of mine sometimes disappears for months and moreover, I'm replacing the cat flap since the old one often fails in recognizing. So the new cat flap memorized the UIDs of the only cats I could take near to it for learning. But not the missed cat one obviosly.
Since I know the numeric code, I'm trying to replicate it to a tag to make cat flap learning it but I have some problem to achieve this goal.
Thanks in advance for the help you'll like to give me.


#2 2017-08-30 12:51:08

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Re: Newbie from Italy

Welcome and I suggest you read

You should also read about FDX-B a.k.a animal tags


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