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#1 2017-11-11 21:17:22

Registered: 2017-11-11
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uid increment by one lua script

hello. i am pretty new to this maybe there is a solution for my idea.
i have seen that you can increment the uid by 1 etc with cameleon mini.
maybe it is possible to do something like this with proxmark3 too.

my idea is - lets say you have a hex uid aa bb cc dd ee ff and want to increment only bb or cc by one in realtime with the sim command.

i hopethat there is some lua script or other solution for this. it must no be in standalone mode. it may be also possible to usw a pc.

here is the link how chameleon does it. it can do it in standalone mode and you only need to press the button to increment the hex. that would be a perfect solution.

thx a lot!


#2 2017-11-11 21:25:19

Registered: 2013-04-25
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Re: uid increment by one lua script

too wage.  You need to be more precise about what you are planning of using.   (simulation of tag uid,   complete tag, protocol, etc)
Chameleon mini uses HF and several different protocols.

A simple loop to call different simulation commands is possible, but you still need a detection for success/fail.

And there is no link...
And look into standalone modes for PM3...

If you feel the love,



#3 2017-11-11 22:29:00

Registered: 2017-11-11
Posts: 28

Re: uid increment by one lua script

sorry yes i was to fast with shooting the submit button.


yes only increment uid nothing else in simulation mode.

hm yes more precsie. i'll give it a try (sorry my english is not good but let me try)

hf mf sim u aa bb cc dd ee ff gg  (then the option increment bb for example)

press button one time


aa bc cc dd ee ff gg

press button

aa bd cc dd ee ff gg


and dump the results to filebuffer or show it on screen when pc is connected.

or if button not possible add a timer option.

hf mf sim u aa bb cc dd ee ff gg -t 10 (incremet every 10 seconds)

or press button once it starts with incrementing (with -t option) and stop when you press again.

press again ... and it starts where it stopped.

for example

i don't know if you experts laugh about my idea but maybe it isn't too bad smile


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