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#1 2017-11-11 21:20:09

Registered: 2013-04-25
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Android remote shell via NFC ?!?!

What kind of dark magic is this? … MrNQ1bnEBA

To be honest,  looks like a em4100 fob..
the error messages suggest some kind of action inside the NDEF message parsing.   
Which could trick the phone to automatic visit a URL,   which then downloads a javascript  which in turn would use a unpatched browser bug to install apps and rooted it..

Now that would be easy to root someones phone...   Just present a tag to it hmm

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#2 2017-11-13 09:25:03

From: London
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Re: Android remote shell via NFC ?!?!

Very interesting. Opens up a whole new avenue of possibilities if it is real.

Hardware: Proxmark RV2,  Elatec TWN4 dev kit / ACS ACR122U / IDTronic LF Reader / OmniKey 5321 / HT108 RW / Custom Read Write 125khz RW and a couple of other RW bits.


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