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#1 2018-02-11 18:23:05

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Unknown encoding for card uid/sn values

I recently purchased a cloning device off Aliexpress with a display.  It reads many different low-frequency types and Mifare IDs
I am trying to figure out how the decimal sn displayed on screen translates to the hex values used by the Proxmark and other tools.

For Mifare I found this based on some other posted information:
UID in hex bits in reverse order, then last three bits
63 A0 D0 F4 - F4 D0 A0 63 - 0013672547
2B 3B A8 8D  - 8D A8 3B 2B - 0011025195

I'm not finding anything so far to help with the HID side of the things:
This is the ID displayed by the cloner: 0016766502

This is the output from my Proxmark:
HID Prox TAG ID: 10000ec9a (30285) - Format Len: 37bit - FC: 4096 - Card: 30285

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on where to start?

Thanks in advance.


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