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#1 2018-04-16 03:08:32

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Long-range RFID Tags

Hi all -

Haven't posted on here in quite some time. My gated neighborhood has started using long-range RFID tags placed on the right headlight to operate the gate in lieu of Linear MegaCode transmitters. Specifically, Alien squiggle tags (which are serialized. not sure if there is any correlation with the SN and the info on the tag) are being used as well as TagMaster NA1100 hangtags for those who switch vehicles frequently. (AKA restricted to car dealership owners that are friendly with those on the HOA board) The reader being used is a TagMaster XT-1 or XT-3. I'm not sure which one, as it is now held in an enclosure. I currently have a Proxmark 3, although the antennae available for it will not be capable of reading UHF frequencies such as those used with these tags unless something has changed in the time I've been gone.

I am willing to pay if someone can either find me a source that I can order these tags from (preferred option) or can copy them themselves. The HOA has refused to program the pre-programmed ones I bought off of eBay, so the info on them must be able to match the info on my already-in-the-system tags. They must be able to be moved between cars, as I often drive or come home in different cars. Additionally, I would prefer that they be operable from the interior of the car. Tag theft has been an issue twice for me in the roughly three months this system has been in effect. Unbeknownst to the thieves, the tags are somewhat tamper-resistant. I'm happy to PM the serials on my current tags if they'd be of help.

Thanks everyone!


#2 2018-07-11 09:52:52

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Re: Long-range RFID Tags


Send me email dearmail //at//
Let me see your card's pictures.



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