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#1 2018-06-11 12:10:32

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Proxmark & Emulation/Simulation abilities

Hi to everyone,

I appreciate the fact that this community exists and we help each other to reach the same goal: Knowledge.

I found that from all the existing RFID readers, Proxmark is the best in terms of hardware capacities and software features. I'm used to use PN532 with arduino, but when it comes to emulation it's a little bit limited and especially in 14443B tags. That's why I want to buy a proxmark but I have some questions to ask beforehand:

+ 14443A Protocol:
- Is proxmark3 able to emulate all type of known tag 14443A ?
- Is this emulation is fully functional, I mean it has to ability to have the same UID, same block of memory ?

+ 14443B Protocol:
IS proxmark3 able to detect and read 14443B tags ?
IS Proxmark3 can read/write SRI512 specifically ?
IS Promark3 can emulate SRI512 ? Same UID as the original ? Same block of memory ... ? Responding the same as the original ?
IF the emulation is not supported could we develop or add this feature manually ?

My goal is the emulation/Simulation features side rather than reading/writing.

Thanks in advance and waiting for your feedback.

Have a nice day.

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