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#1 2018-07-10 14:41:04

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Whether To But PM3 Easy or RDV2 From AliExpress

Hello all, I am new to the forums and on the verge of buying a proxmark3 but wanted to understand the impact of the differences between the proxmsark3 easy and RDV2. I have seen multiple forum posts saying what has been removed and downgraded but for a first time user that doesn't really mind about the reading distance, as long as it can read can read RFID cards if they are on top of it, is there really any significant difference? Also, I was thinking about buying a proxmark3 easy off of AliExpress, seeing as they are much cheaper, does anyone have any recommendations on this? ( … 09079.html)

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#2 2018-07-10 17:40:18

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Re: Whether To But PM3 Easy or RDV2 From AliExpress

*moved it to trade section,  where it belongs*

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