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#1 2010-05-30 12:52:41

From: Sydney Australia
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Hello All,
       I finally found a reader that was able to spit out an ID of my key fob-KERI SYS. I purchased the ACG LF from RFIDIOt and I was so happy. If any one has RFIDIOt installed on their windows XP 32 machine I would appreciate some assistance. I would like to perform the same function adam did here in post 92. The problem im having is that when i try importing the module it runs and at the bottom of my IDLE I get  ====restart==== It doesn't give me time to give it input. I've tried running it from command line but after the import the whole prompt crashes. The same thing happens with Adam, if your reading this, could you please help me.


If ya don't know, ask!


#2 2012-12-07 03:09:13

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Re: RFIDIOt Help

Hi, I'm not much off a help but at that site I bought the AVG LF&HF the most expensive unit I bought By Far!! But the owner is a cool guy and the system did what it promised. After following the -back then- not to understand instructions, A.L. helped me personally(well, by email) I had no idea of what I was doing; just followed his instructions: and it worked. For a very short period. I had to take out the device from the usb gate and after that ... nothing. Because time is always a critical factor I still haven't reincarnated it.
My advice: just email Adam and ask for his help. He's very kind and patient. I saw btw that his site is upgraded, but email him.


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