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#1 2018-12-23 20:59:50

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[RDV40] sim module fix

With the new contact interface on RDV40 there has been some issues.  Cards didnt respond. 
All of which bugs was ironed out by Sentinel, Merlokk and myself.

First of all you must update the firmware on the sim module.  Run HW STATUS to see which version you are on.
You should be on v3.10   I have added the file to the RRG repo with some sha512 hash in order to verify that you have the correct file.

pm3--> hw status
pm3--> sc upgrade h
pm3--> sc upgrade f ../tools/simmodule/SIM010.BIN
pm3--> hw status

Once you have this version,  the new EMV and SC commands work much better.
Usually use -w -0 parameters for EMV commands to indicate your wish to use wired and protocol t=0

Samples to run:

emv search -swt0


sc brute t

Both commands does similar stuff, but  the sc brute now uses a list of 255 known AIDs for EMV and tries to bruteforce the records.
You be surprised how much you can read out of your mastercard / visa card..

Enjoy a early xmas gift!   I hope you all get excited and post more findings!

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#2 2019-01-07 12:27:48

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Re: [RDV40] sim module fix

The firmware of the simmodule is that small? Or is it only a partial upgrade?


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