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#1 2019-01-24 11:46:27

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Communicating with an e-passport

Hi again!

I'm having some issue trying to communicate with my RFID passport.

The only way I managed to get it to say something was to issue a raw command using hf 14b raw -c -p 05 00 08. hf search does not yield any results. Using the command above-mentioned, I managed to get what I think is its UID which it gives as part of the ISO14443 anti-collision protocol.

It seems like there is no apdu command for 14b, only for 14a. I believe that Proxmark's apdu is just a convenience command anyway and that it is possible to send and receive APDU messages just using the hf 14b raw command anyway.

My question is: how can I select my chip, and then send and receive ADPU messages, using the hf 14b raw command? I would have thought this would be a fairly obvious use case but I have been skimming through specifications and websites for days and I haven't managed to find the bytes I'm supposed to send anywhere...

Many thanks if you can help me,

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