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#1 2019-04-07 01:03:14

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iclass debit key

Hi everyone. anyone knows why pm3 failed to dump iclass thick card?

card is iclass thick, number + ER, not legacy.
got custom key with sim2 from reader, loclass succeeded, standard format and iclass format. in fact, this key in dic sad, lost time...

but with chk command, default keys file,

Chunk [0/9] 1.7 sec [debit]

no more result.

tried dump k KEY... e, failed with message, tried dump k KEY... (without e), same.
with iceman fork or old one, below:

+ retry to select card
! failed authenticating with debit key

with official latest fork, below:
High security custom key (Kcus):
z0 = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
y0 = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

nothing more!!! with official, is this function blocked?

and What is the debit key? tried with pm3 easy, pm3 rdv, with old fork and iceman latest fork (sure flahed).
not legacy, with hf search, it is NOT legacy. recognized by pm3, not new card type (some yrs old).

Thanks in advance.

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