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#1 2019-04-28 09:27:25

Registered: 2018-05-13
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what is this iclass key fob?

Hi read a iclass key fob with my three pm3 showing same results like below:

anyone can guide me ?

m3 --> hf iclass reader 1
   CSN: xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx 
    CC: xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx
        Mode: Application [Locked]
        Coding: ISO 14443-2 B/ISO 15693
[+]     Crypt: Secured page, keys not locked
[!]     RA: Read access not enabled
Mem: 2 KBits/2 App Areas (31 * 8 bytes) [1F]
        AA1: blocks 06-12
        AA2: blocks 13-1F
        OTP: 0xFFFF

        Read A - Kd or Kc
        Read B - Kd or Kc
        Write A - Kc
        Write B - Kc
        Debit  - Kd or Kc
        Credit - Kc
App IA: FF FF FF 00 06 FF FF FF
[+]       : Possible iClass (SE credential tag)


and then i sim and loclass but no luck as belows

[!] Failed to recover 3 bytes using the following CSN
[!] CSN = 010a0ffff7ff12e0
[-] The CSN requires > 3 byte bruteforce, not supported
[-] CSN = 0c060cfef7ff12e0
[-] HASH1 = 0204000045014545

[-] The CSN requires > 3 byte bruteforce, not supported
[-] CSN = 1097837bf7ff12e0
[-] HASH1 = 050d000045014545

what kind of this iclass card is? is it possible to make it done?



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