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#1 2019-06-06 05:10:01

Registered: 2017-01-28
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Unkown LF tag from hotel

I was in Asia recently and had my whole setup ready to copy my hotel key to wrist band.  Couldn't see the card as hi freq, Android phones didn't read it.  The Keysy looked like it copied it but only woke the reader once and didn't unlock the door.

Thought maybe when I got home the Proxmark would tell me more about it. Not much luck.

Seems to be low frequency based on power draw from the antenna, but lf search doesn't turn anything up.

Based on hw tun commands looks like its drawing from LF it goes from no card 71.95v, 36.82,v 71.95v to 46.59v, 51.27v, and 57.50v 

Attached are images of the readers on the door and the elevator.  I still have the key, but no access to the door anymore.

Anyone know what brand /type this is?  I'm intrigued.

Edit: now that I'm uploading the photos it looks like it says CISA, haven't found details on what the card type is though.

thanks in advance



#2 2019-06-06 07:26:52

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Re: Unkown LF tag from hotel

Collect a good trace and share with us?

lf read
data save cisa.pm3

If you feel the love,



#3 2019-06-07 12:41:25

Registered: 2017-01-28
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Re: Unkown LF tag from hotel

I only have access to the card.  Is that enough to take a useful trace?

I'm no longer in the vicinity of the hotel, Internet and time were spotty there hmm  .  Additionally I did not want to travel with my PM3 so I was using only the aforementioned tools onsite. … a.pm3/file


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