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#1 2019-09-20 02:57:40

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Questions about multi class readers and cards

Hi there, I'm kind of new to using the proxmark so I have a couple questions that I couldn't find any answers for.
I have a multi class iClass card (which I believe is a high security iClass card since the leaked master key didn't authenticate, combined with an Indala card) and I was wondering about how cloning it would work with a multi class reader.
I am able to get the Facility Code and the CSN from the Indala side of the card, so I was wondering if I could write a standard iClass card that would work on a multi class reader? (That is if the reader doesn't support Indala, which I would obviously use first if the reader supports it.)
Sorry if it seems like I'm rambling, I'm typing this up on my phone =P


#2 2019-09-20 07:32:55

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Re: Questions about multi class readers and cards


If you feel the love,



#3 2019-09-20 16:13:27

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Re: Questions about multi class readers and cards

You can definitely generate an iclass credential that will work with a multiClass reader provided the reader supports the use of legacy iclass credentials and you know which authentication key the reader is using. However, if the reader is an iClass SE reader that only supports iclass SE credentials that utilize an SIO data object then you are probably out of luck. You need to look at the specific part number of your reader in order to know what types of credentials it is capable of working with.


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