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#1 2020-02-28 23:09:03

From: germany
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USART on Proxmark3 easy for use with Arduino


I am looking for a solution to start certain commands on the proxmark with the help of an Arduino (esp8266).

Therefor I thought I could try to control the proxmark3 easy over an serial connection.
In the documentation for the USART connection of the proxmark3 (RDV4 ??)
it says that on pin 11 and pin 13 of the ARM are the RX and TX pins for the USART connection.
And that the USART connection needs to be set up within the Makefile.plattform file, before the fw gets compiled.

The Makefile.plattform has the following content:


To my questions:
- What do I wrong, because with my connected FTDI to pin 11 and pin 13 I do not see any serial content. Is the USART just available on the RDV4???
- Is it possible to control the proxmark over the USART?
- Is teure an alternative way to start commands on the proxmark3 and read the answers from the proxmark3?


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