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#1 2020-04-27 17:04:48

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Looking for feedback on my blog post about Amiibo Reverse Engineering

Hi, I recently started writing an iOS app to read/clone Amiibo cards (among other NTAG215 tags) and I used a lot of the information found on these forums for help (although I don't actually have a proxmark device).
I wanted to consolidate all the things I've learned about NTAG215 and Amiibo, and eventually share it with the broader tech community so I drafted this blog post:

DRAFT: A Summary of Nintendo Amiibo (NFC Tag) Reverse-Engineering

I was hoping this community could help proof-check this draft blog post and:
1) help me correct anything wrong
2) let me know about any missing information (I'd love to know more about how exactly the encryption scheme was uncovered, how the master keys were extracted, etc)
3) make sure I give due credit to the right people

P.S. I purposefully made a simplified Amiibo byte structure as this blog post isn't so much as a definitive reference for Amiibo hacking, but a broader overview for casual tech readers. But perhaps I should add more details at the end?


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