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#1 2020-04-30 13:33:18

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# of failed reads before the card self-destructs

I was wondering if the iclass cards/tags have some kind of internal limit of number of attempts with an incorrect key? I noticed something strange, it could be just me going crazy with spending days on end with pm3 and HID readers:
I have a setup with a custom kcus, and took a tag that was a normal iclass, and reprogrammed it to use this new key. I then try to read this with pm3, and used an incorrect key a couple of times (I blame my fat fingers). Then when I read again with the correct key, it still shows me auth failure. I then tried it on my reader, and the reader read it correctly! So I tried with pm3 again, and lo and behold the same key which was auth failing 5 mins ago suddenly works!


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