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#1 2020-07-10 21:35:46

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polygot files for MFC

Funny thread on twitter today,
@albertini the polygot posted this,  about making a file that does nothing but the file commands detects a bunch of different formats. … 5875666944

Since the file was quite small a question came up,  could this be used for rfid tag dumps aswell?
@doegox   came through first last night

His EML file is over at Gist … f34e1abd53

Once you convert it to binary,  it isn't detected to anything,  but you can unzip it and it decompresses a file.

funny! big_smile  big_smile

Now next question came,  can it produces different detections aswell?   short answer, yes it can.
now, the sample file is detected with multiple formats,   can be viewed with PDF,  can unzip,...  meanwhile being a normal dump for mfc.

and of course it didn't end there.... 
The question came up if a dump could be made an executable aswell.
@neduchaljan accepted the challenge and … 2925341697

His sample dump file … f679ae660b

So in short to test this,   you can just download,   cload to a magic card S50,   and dump it,   or just run the scripts to convert from eml -> bin,   and do the testing in your shell.

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