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#1 2017-03-09 16:45:52

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Masterthesis on RFID-Bumping device and framework

A master thesis about RFid-bumping,  paper here:
Written by Romke van Dijk & Loek Sangers

Sadly they didn't fork the PM3 github,  but added their own repo so easy merge is not possible.  Why do people keep on doing this?
Found here:

Interesting concept, build around proxmark3 device.  LF & HF , integrated sqllite to save all collected data.
Adding a framework to which further automatic gathern/collecting of different formats is possible.

Binary Tree Walking algo,  which enables PM3 to have three current cards in antenna field  and have successfull anticollision.  smile Very interesting  found here … 3a.c#L3031

The sqllite integration is also nice touch. I like it.

Only thanks @blapost, and in general to the community, which is a huge disrespect of @piwi and other which they build their work on.
Not the first paper I see with this kind of attitude from students.

Research papers has a tendency to make code which solves their problem at hand.  I would rather seen the BTWA incorporated with the normal code.  At least all of their additions is nicely separated.

I can't find the LF bump part either.

Anyway its an interesting read.



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