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#1 2017-03-12 22:01:14

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I have killed the proxmark -Firmware

I think I have a brick now, at some stage, I did not do the firmware process well. :-(
The proxmark, stays light-yellow fixed, light red-flashing, blue C fixed, blue A fixed, every 17 seconds try to change to blue light D without existing. And the machine is not recognized by windons.
* -

I guess I have to re-flash the proxmark with JTAG?
What is the correct firemware to install? I have a programmer to record the MCU AT91SAM7S256, my programmer indicates that this MCU has a capacity of 256kX8
And in the ICEMAN folder> pm3-bin-756 \ firmware_win \ JTAG Only> proxmark3_recovery is 212kb, could it serve?

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#2 2017-03-12 22:12:05

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Re: I have killed the proxmark -Firmware

...which pm3 did you buy?   RDV2.0 ?  That one had a modern bootrom loaded onto it.

bin-756 is ancient,  don't use it.
If you managed to flash that old bootrom,  I think you need to use the old hid-flasher to flash the latest bootrom onto it.


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#3 2017-03-12 22:30:58

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Re: I have killed the proxmark -Firmware

Proxmark 3 RDV - buy on lab401 they shipped correctly,

According to the page. * Latest Firmware Pre-loaded
But there is no link in> Installation / Introduction Manual>

I was correctly looking for the software for my proxmark, if I exist, I could get install drivers correctly. But could not make software work.

I assumed it was for the firmware, and run one but with the consequence of leaving it dead.
Once this point has been reached, I have two options, or leave it as it does paper or reset the firmware from a programmer.

So I ask what would be the correct dumps that must be loaded to the ATmel to make it operational again.


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