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#1 2010-02-09 17:07:40

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Suggestion for new forum area: Projects.

As I was looking through the forums I realized that one thing, to my mind, that seemed to be missing was a place where people could start a thread about a project they are working on and then post updates as they go and get comments and feedback from others. Some projects could fall within some of the forums, such as "New Firmware Development", but those strike me as places better suited for more general purpose development efforts and not threads that are more focused on a specific project and its goals.

My thought is that a "Projects" forum would naturally evolve into a library of ideas for others to draw upon and learn from -- and, like a real library, some "books" will be better and more useful than others; when a particularly well done project comes along, it could be turned into a sticky or perhaps copied/moved to a "Best Projects" forum.


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