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#1 2017-04-15 02:47:47

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iceman fork is on hold.

With all improvements coming out from the execellent maintainers @piwi @marshmellow42 which brings very big changes to PM3 Master I have decided to keep iceman fork on hold until they have finished with their plans.  And yes, as seen from latest PR from marshmellow there is some nice and great improvements to the graphical interface for the proxmark client.  The whole demodulating of a LF signal will be enhanced. His posts on github shows very important new features.  Gone is the days when you have to look at a raw signal and understand how to decode it to a zero / one.   

This easyness will be good and bad. New ppl will buy a proxmark3 and have very little "deep" understanding of what is going on.  I share Marshmellows doubts, instead of learning ppl will click on a button and not know what is happening.

The work with merging all new ideas in PM3 master into iceman fork will take some time. I wish it will come to a point where I actually can start pushing back some of iceman fork changes into PM3 master. As you all know its been done only when @marshmellow got the time to do it. Its not a fast process.   Iceman fork will still be bleding edge,  and PM3 master will be a great stable firmware as we have tried to uphold over all years.

Once the current changes is done, PM3 master will get a new "higher" version number (like v3.0) so we can get away from all confusing versioning of pre-compiled binaries (@asper, @iceman). 

Remember that I always wanted to get the most out of my proxmark3 device, thats why iceman fork is what it is.  It was never a way of undermining PM3 Master.  Just wanted to clarify that.  I have some interesting new device only functionality coming up but that has to wait until I can merge all goodies from @Piwi and @Marshmellow42.

I do love how much better the proxmark3 has become because of the endless selfless efforts of the main contributors. No one named, no one forgotten.  I know who you are.

My suggestion is to always try both PM3 master and iceman fork.  If it doesnt work in one,  it might be better in the other (or worse) but trust me, all svn versions (700,600,400 etc) is not even similary to what we got today.

When the PM3 master gets stable from all changes, I so look forward for piwi's work but that is a later story.

To round up, for now, iceman fork is on hold.



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