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#1 2017-09-02 07:12:15

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[request] A popular toy, Force Link

Force Link wearable and figures

Wear the "Force Link" gauntlet and hold a compatible toy (either on its own or inside a compatible playset), and the gauntlet makes sounds. … k/preview/

FCC information: (some embargoed until September 9, 2017)

The token inside reports to NXP TagInfo as an NXP ICODE SLIX-L (SL2S5002), which is an ISO 15693-compatible token.  It should be readable and writable with the proxmark `hf 15` commands.

It's a 32-byte "smart label."  Looks like 24 bytes are unlocked and writeable, plus what I assume are eight (locked) bytes for the character type.

(Info compilation from Vitorio)

Need to do:

  • Gather data dumps for mapping of toytype

  • Test pm3 HF 15 SIM smile

If you feel the love,



#2 2017-09-20 19:38:59

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Re: [request] A popular toy, Force Link

iceman wrote:
  • Gather data dumps for mapping of toytype

It appears that the NFC tags can be read through the packaging, just FYI.


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