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#1 2017-11-14 04:29:35

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Is mifare classic and mifare plus security level 1 the same?

Hi there

Suddenly, I have a question and write.

mifare classic is nested, darkside is possible.

mifare plus security level 1 allows nested, darkside?

I did the practice of identifying, cracking and modifying the mifare plus sl 1 card with nfclib,


mifare plus security level3 reads log, balance etc ....

I checked that the course does not have aes 128 certifications?

Is not nested and darkside possible?


Is there a way to downgrade the mifare plus card's sl level, which can only be adjusted upwards on the datasheet?

I am, of course, a student studying security measures.


#2 2017-11-14 16:06:54

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Re: Is mifare classic and mifare plus security level 1 the same?

  • hf mf nested and hf mf mifare are based on flaws in Crypto1 and the broken PRNG of Mifare Classic. The PRNG has been fixed in Mifare Classic EV1 and Mifare Plus.

  • hf mf hardnested is based on Crypto1 flaws alone and even works with "good" PRNGs. Requires one known key though.

  • Mifare Plus in SL1 behaves like a Mifare Classic EV1 with the option of an additional AES authentication.

  • Mifare Plus in SL2 requires the additional AES authentication and SL3 doesn't use Crypto1 authentication at all. None of the known attacks on Crypto1 are therefore applicable.

  • yes, you can only increase Mifare Plus Security Levels. There is no way back


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