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#1 2017-03-09 16:45:52

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Masterthesis on RFID-Bumping device and framework

A master thesis about RFid-bumping,  paper here:
Written by Romke van Dijk & Loek Sangers

Sadly they didn't fork the PM3 github,  but added their own repo so easy merge is not possible.  Why do people keep on doing this?
Found here:

Interesting concept, build around proxmark3 device.  LF & HF , integrated sqllite to save all collected data.
Adding a framework to which further automatic gathern/collecting of different formats is possible.

Binary Tree Walking algo,  which enables PM3 to have three current cards in antenna field  and have successfull anticollision.  smile Very interesting  found here … 3a.c#L3031

The sqllite integration is also nice touch. I like it.

Only thanks @blapost, and in general to the community, which is a huge disrespect of @piwi and other which they build their work on.
Not the first paper I see with this kind of attitude from students.

Research papers has a tendency to make code which solves their problem at hand.  I would rather seen the BTWA incorporated with the normal code.  At least all of their additions is nicely separated.

I can't find the LF bump part either.

Anyway its an interesting read.

If you feel the love,



#2 2017-06-17 10:08:12

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Re: Masterthesis on RFID-Bumping device and framework

I have no time at all to spare for study this RFID bumping idea. What is your opinion iceman? Can you update its progress?

Would "bumping" means like in the sense of bumping with mechanical key? working only on cheap very cheap lock, raking pin or pin unlocking would have higher success rate.... You have any upgrade info? The one thing with master thesis is also it can be closed with other result then a success. One example was recognition of picture for example apply the idea on reading number plate, starting since when could not remember, but 1994 demonstration the application still crashed badly and success rate like 1% at the most... But it was not their fault the idea only working since the idea of modern high power CPU multi core, parallel programming and GPU processing on modern graphic cards came into practice. not even AMD K100 could help it at that time. So closing the that idea on a success would mean a blessing of computer power, it would take them over 30 yrs to close that thesis



#3 2018-02-09 23:33:35

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Re: Masterthesis on RFID-Bumping device and framework

As I understand it, bumping in this context means to copy someone's RFID card simply by 'bumping into' them.
The challenge is to crack the encryption (Mifare classic for e.g.) and read the data off the card within a short enough time and from far enough away that you don't need to lurk suspiciously close to someone for several minutes... you want to bump into them, not spend 20 minutes with your hand in their pocket. :-)


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