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#1 2018-02-13 23:56:50

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(solved)help to unbrick my pm3

Hi,I need to unbrick my pm3,after updating my pm3 with official Iceman's precompiled build,there are 4 lights on my pm3 whenever connect to usb port whether press and hold button or not,os could not detect on device manager,I could not flash pm3 any more,any help will be appreciated..

I was updating from pm3 v3.0.1 to latest Iceman's precompiled offical 2018/feb.13 build,firstly I held the button to flash bootrom and it failed and after that when I connect to computer,4 sets of light on like green,orange,red and blue constantly,also os could not detect pm3 at all,I don't see com port at all on my device manager,is that mean my pm3 got brick for good,do I need a j link to revive my pm3,I got my pm3 from easy elechouse,please help me with this issue I am having...

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