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#1 2018-12-31 16:36:04

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[RDV4] Amiibo tool

With the ending of the year,  the last thing of 2018 will be the little addition of socram8888's amitool into the pm3 client.

The mbedtls crypto lib addition to the pm3 client this year made it quite possible to add socram8888's tool. 

Its in RRG repo for now.   I have'nt hooked up the main command.  I haven't got a clear picture of how I would like to use it with the hf mfu commands.   Or maybe a lua script.   

This will in the long run make the amiboo lua script a bit unneeded,  or maybe it can be adapted to use the built-in functions instead of the shared lib as now.

Happy new year!

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