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#1 2009-02-24 13:24:02

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Proxmark USB driver


I have 18 proxmark PCB made completly. But there is an problem I can flash the sam7 and the leds are working correctly. But when I attach the proxmark pcb in the USB port my computers do not see it. I have asked the component file to check if they have made an mistake. Does anyone have a clou? What it clould be..

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#2 2010-10-05 14:42:46

From: Montreal
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Re: Proxmark USB driver

For starters, what version of the firmware are you using (the SVN repo HEAD for example)?

I'm assuming you're talking about having flashed the SAM7 with JTAG, so can you see my post: … for-mainf/
and tell me the value you read for 0xfffffc24?

Can you tell me what part exactly you used for XT2 (the 16Mhz crystal)?

I don't think the current value for setting CKGR_PLLR in SVN has the correct MUL/DIV for my
hardware and maybe that's the case for you also.


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