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#1 2019-01-29 17:29:50

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Come see 0xFFFF and Iceman on NullCon '19 (1-3 March)

Come see me and 0xFFFF on NullCon '19 in 1-3 March in Goa, India. … rrmann.php

If you are there, take the opportunity to say hi. Always happy to chat up with a fellow pm3 user!
Share your experiences with us. Good stories are most welcome. We will also be looking forward to chat up with Phillipe Teuwen and Adam Laurie a.k.a major malfunction who are oldtimers at NullCon. Something about a CTF hardware event...  exciting!

From our practice run at Black Alps,  we are going forward with a improved talk.   (side note, we did take the feedback serious,  thanks to Anticat, Tobias et all)

Addressing the issues with the previous generations of the Proxmark, Chris (Iceman) will discuss the new features and their use of popular card formats used around the globe today.

If you feel the love,



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