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#1 2019-05-01 19:13:31

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Read Calypso tag. Is possible?


today I received this card:

14443-3b tag found:
           UID: XX XX XX XX
      App Data: 53 50 4d 45
      Protocol: 33 81 93
      Bit Rate: 212 kbit/s PICC -> PCD supported
      Bit Rate: 424 kbit/s PICC -> PCD supported
      Bit Rate: 212 kbit/s PICC <- PCD supported
      Bit Rate: 424 kbit/s PICC <- PCD supported
Max Frame Size: 256
 Protocol Type: Protocol is compliant with ISO/IEC 14443-4
Frame Wait Int: 9
 App Data Code: Application is Proprietary
 Frame Options: NAD is supported
 Frame Options: CID is supported
Max Buf Length: 0 (MBLI) not supported

Valid ISO14443B Tag Found - Quiting Search

Reading on Internet about the company who uses this tag they said they uses mifare or calypso cards. As you can see in the log I posted previously it is not a mifare card so I am dealing with a calypso card.

They question is simple, how can I start reading this card? I found a calypso.lua script. Then I started sending the first command manually but I received:

proxmark3> hf 14b raw -c -p 05 00 08
received 14 octets
50 XX XX XX XX 53 50 4d 45 33 81 93 18 b0
proxmark3> hf 14b raw -c -p 1D XX XX XX XX 00 08 01 00
received 3 octets
00 78 f0
proxmark3> hf 14b raw -c -p 02 94 a4 08 00 04 20 00 20 10 41 1b
received 0 octets

Could someone send me a good point to start with it?

Thank you very much!



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