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#1 2019-05-22 12:53:19

Registered: 2017-05-13
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Strange HID 35bit Corporate 1000

I've got a genuine HID prox card that I'm almost certain is 35bit corporate 1000 - when scanned it comes up as:

>lf search
>HID Prox TAG ID: 2c77a2be51 (24360) - Format Len: 35bit - FC: 957 - Card: 89896

The strange thing is that the card number printed on it is 90647.

Anyone encountered something like this before and know if there's a different way this system would be treating the card number to make it 90647 rather than 89896?


#2 2019-05-22 17:07:42

From: Colorado USA
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Re: Strange HID 35bit Corporate 1000

That is actually fairly common with HID credentials.
If you look at the HID "How to Order Guide" you will find the detailed breakdown of the credential part number.
There is a digit in the part number that determines if the internal and externally printed card numbers will match.
If the customer selects option "S" then HID will assign an offset value which will then be used to adjust the numbers printed on each card. Option "R" selects a different "non-matching" method which is also available.

e.g. 1326XXXS (Part number with non-matching card numbers.

M - Sequential Matching Encoded/Printed (Inkjetted)
N - No Printed Card Numbering   
S - Sequential Encoded/Sequential Non-Matching Printed (Inkjetted)
R - Random Encoded/Non-Matching Sequential Printed (Inkjetted)


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