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#1 2011-03-25 06:08:41

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Proxmark3 client and OSX environment


Everything (linux client 20090905-r216) compiles like a charm out of the box in OSX (10.6.6).

I also have: /System/Library/Extensions/Proxmark3.kext installed in my system (and I already restarted it)

but when I get prompt proxmark3> (the Pmark is recognized) every command just stays there as It's hanged up.

I think is the HID module thing problem but I an't figure out what else I can do to solve this...

I also noted in USB Prober, that in Configuration Descriptor I have "Interface #0 - HID" so I think that the "kext bypasser" is not working.. just a guess but I don't know...

Any help?



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