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#1 2020-07-05 14:35:25

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Firmware flashing failed...


I have flashed my Proxmark 3 via RRG RFID app OTG because i can't send any commands after connect my Proxmark3 on my Kali Linux (the client works, everything was fine like, hw tune/ping/version) .
The connection was succesfull and it worked (without the datsplot window, but i thing that was a software problem from my kali and not the Prox which i didnts fix but anyway..).
After that it works on my Kali, but a day later, after the RRG RFID Update (with the Termux terminal upgrade) i had to flash my prox again because i noticed a error code while trying to connect via RRG RFID/Termux app.
The flash tool via the app didnt work so i start flashing via Kali (sudo ./flasher /dev/ttyACM0 .....) and it was succesfull, but now i cant send any commands on kali again!... so i connect it via the app again and now the flashing tool works on my prox, but now i cant connect via Kali AND App.
I dont now what happend but i thing the Firmware update failed and now my Proxmark stop working anyway.
I am a little bit upset because this product ist great and i love how it is designed and everything.

Edit: I can connect via bluethooth, but cant send any commands. On OTG mode the App say: no device found and the second and fourth red LED is permanently on.

Now my question:

Is it possible to hard reset the Proxmark RDV4 or do i have to send it back to my vendor (Lab401)?
I cant connect on my device, so i cant flash it anymore.

Hope everyone understand my problem because my english is not the best.

Thank you guys,


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