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#1 2011-11-24 11:44:42

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How to read snoop log

Hi all,
I'm new in the community and I am really noob. Please, be patients with me.

I receive yesterday the PM3. I am testing the door in my office. The reader is a Legic. I posted here, because when I try to read the tag as a legic, PM3 said the tag is not a legic.

The reader is a HF 13.56.
I tried to snoop as a 14a, no result. Then i tried as a 14b, and I have some results, but I have some difficulties to understand it. The result of the snoop is the following


What does this mean? Ok, I have the bytes between reader and tag, but "blew circular buffer!" and the value "Max behind by"?

Then I listed the result:


Can someone please help me to go on testing this card?
Many thanks for any input


#2 2011-11-24 21:14:55

From: Vic - Australia
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Re: How to read snoop log

If you type in

hw version

you'll probably find you're running outdated firmware. I'd suggest that you upgrade it.



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