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#1 2009-03-13 00:26:06

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Would Some one post this. Please

Would some one be able to post the Proxmark 3 PCB here
it should help a lot of people get going with there PCBs

Thank You.


#2 2009-03-20 00:26:54

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Re: Would Some one post this. Please

Do they allow multiple layer boards like the Proxmark?


#3 2009-03-20 13:59:03

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Re: Would Some one post this. Please

looks like it,  unless i'm missing something everything on their faq is within proxmark3 range

What are the PCB rules and limits?

Boards can be as small as 0.5" (~12.7 mm) square.

    * 2 or 4 layer boards - 0.062" FR4 material
    * 2 Layer sizing:
          o 8mil (~0.2 mm) spacing minimum
          o 8mil (~0.2 mm) traces minimum
          o 20mil (~0.5 mm) minimum drill size
    * 4 Layer sizing:
          o 6mil (~0.15 mm) spacing minimum
          o 6mil (~0.15 mm) traces minimum
          o 13mil (~0.33 mm) minimum drill size
    * 500mil (~12.7 mm) maximum drill size
    * No internal routes, no v-scoring
    * Board is routed to the indicated border (very clean edges, you can get creative with the shape as well!)
    * Soldermask both sides
    * 1oz Copper
    * No limit on the number of vias
    * No limit on pads or components
    * Multiple designs, multiple copies are allowed!
    * Any size up to 10x15", measured in inch increments (254mm x 381mm)
    * Minimum billable size 1x1" (smaller boards are allowed but rounded up)
    * Your design can be any size - 1 inch is the minimum

$10 setup fee (shown as a handling charge) - $2.50 per square inch for 2 layer designs, $8.00/sq. in. for 4 layer designs.


#4 2009-03-21 08:52:38

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Re: Would Some one post this. Please

I've uploaded the design and set it to "published" with full attribution to J. Westhues and links to his web site and

I had some fun and games as the original design failed the BatchPCB DRC checks due to a couple of vias being too close to each other and violating the 8mil spacing, even though that's not a real issue as these vias connect the ground planes. In any case I had to move them further apart and resubmit the design. The only other change I made to the design is to use tented vias (meaning the vias are coated with insulating laquer, see this tutorial for more info)

I've zipped up the modified PCB sources an uploaded it in the files section of this forum as if you want to have a look at the modified files and the gerbers that were uploaded to BatchPCB. Take a look at FAIL.PNG in that zip archive to see where the original problem was (vias highlighted in pink).

Total cost of the PCB is $49.97

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